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The never ending story.

Story-telling is the only thing keeping you together. Yet the stories, full of rage, are tearing you apart.

Where did I learn to write?

The same place you learned—the internet.

A day late.

Leave it to Jacques Derrida to be born July 15th.

Kevin Kwan.

You think you’re clever. You are—for a rich guy.

Why do I like Rand better than Stowe?

I know Ayn Rand is an adversary; I thought Harriett Beecher Stowe and I could be allies.

The book was beyond him.

The only thing this critic could with it was shit on it.

Nyugen, “The Sympathizer.”

It is a curiously abstract—one might even say academic—politics that takes sides easily.

Murakami,“Norwegian Wood.”

The sexual relationships are the aborted attempts to birth a new order, the displacements of an impasse that love cannot resolve. This is Murakami’s true indictment of the student movement.

Tasks, devices.

William Gibson admits he invented some of his most innovative technological devices to fill in for his lack of facility with conventional narrative devices.