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How to live.

There are only two ways to age—badly or well.

There is no “why.”

The only question of living, the only vital question, is “how.”

Good in itself.

Breathing, like living, must be done purely for its own sake.

Living is also dying.

The meaning of one’s death is also in one’s dying.

Life expectancy is ethically neutral.

You have already outlived others who deserve to live more than you and you will not live so long as others who deserve to live less.

California living.

You drive two blocks for junk food, then run two miles to burn it off.

It is not the best possible society.

It is a society that one and others can live with?

You live in a bubble.

If you’re lucky, some day it will burst.

Living with how I’ve lived.

Let’s keep it so I can keep looking at my pretty face in the mirror every morning.

We all live in our heads.

The question is what part do you dwell in?