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Capitalist life and logic.

If the population shrinks, the economy shrinks. So let’s incentivize sexual reproduction, so the economy can grow.

You say that everything is produced, performed, etc.

Logical problems aside (“everything” here means “nothing”), the saying speaks to a deep hatred for the given.

What comes first?

Most of talk of logical priority is an expression of political priorities.

All it takes is a negation.

The distinction between non-binary and binary language has a binary structure.

Hegelian logic.

At certain point of quantitative intensification, the quality of something shifts into its opposite. So sleeping too much makes you sleepy, just as too much relaxation makes you tense.

Will one adopt a spiritual practice?

Logically, the question of if one adopts any spiritual practice is prior to the question of which one should be practiced. Pragmatically, though, one can simply start a particular practice with a wait-and-see attitude.

Everything can be symbolically turned.

Hence there is reversal in narrative, dialectic in philosophy, chiasmus in rhetoric, converse in logic, and disorientation in experience.

Carl Schmitt.

I hardly understand your language. I fully understand your logic.

The meaning of Spock.

Alien to humanity is that purely logical part of us.

I suppose so.

The presupposition of the act of presupposing is logic.