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An empirical difference.

A coffee shop full of isolated men on laptops is a suggestion that men more than women cannot stand being home alone.

TV will be there for you.

“Friends” is a show for an obnoxiously lonely society.

I’m never lonely.

I take it as a sign that I am decent company.

Loneliness can only harm.

Solitude can only harm a mind unprepared for it.

Liking loneliness.

Disliking this liking.

Two paths of loneliness.

The loneliness of the shooter is radically anti-social; the loneliness of the conformist is radically social.


The commonplace “to die alone” makes Death out to be poor company indeed.

Experiments in control.

Loneliness decreases our ability to control impulses, including the impulse of self-control.

Loneliness seeks company.

I am in the company of many thoughts.

Saturday night is nothing special.

Those alone on this night experience how much more powerful the thing-for-us is than the thing-in-itself.