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How does that look?

Keep the rhizome in mind when you root yourself.

Philosophy is a mirror.

What appears therein depends on who is looking and how they look.

I’m not looking you in the eye.

You are looking solely at the horizon.

That look.

I cannot look you in the eye online; I can only see an image of your eye.

That look on your face?

It is like a word I know too well, but have not read in many years.

What are the odds?

It’s hard to believe that some smart people also look good.

Another look.

The trick is to see that this “how things are not” is built into the “how things are.”


This watchman likes most of all to watch others watching.

The screen meets the look.

Outside this window, faces float on a steady stream of metal, exhaust, and noise.

No look is undirected.

The relevant question is what you are willing to look over and what you will over look?