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Into the woods.

There are signs all around that this path is well worn if only you are brave enough to look.

You fantasized that you saw without being seen.

Suddenly, you noticed someone looking back. Now you fantasize that you have been overlooked.

Take a hard look at the self.

I think you can see it is the precipitate of pain.

Look—do not touch!

The displacement of utopian by dystopian fiction is effected by conservative anxieties.

You’re just looking at my shoes.

You haven’t even tried them on, much less tried walking in them.

My look isn’t dated.

It is you who looks trendy.

Active looking.

Those who conflate looking with spectatorship have never been looked at properly.

Looking awry.

By looking at people less personally, we see them more humanely.

Be careful what you look for.

The eye always on the lookout for hypocrisy has looked right past the reality of appearances.

Living with how I’ve lived.

Let’s keep it so I can keep looking at my pretty face in the mirror every morning.