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A loss is just a loss.

There is no need to turn it into a lack.

The victor thinks he won.

But better minds have been lost.


Consider how much must be taken for granted in order to experience the loss of love to be the defining trauma of one’s life.

The visionaries have left us.

The basic condition for learning to see again is the assumption of this loss.


That she could grieve his loss is sufficient proof that her attachment was not ambivalent at best.

Delusion, desperation.

He was so identified with the lost one that he imagined that only suicide could dispel her.

I endured the same loss twice.

The first time, I came to exist, the second time I experienced it.

You think you lost something?

You must have mistakenly thought it was yours.

The American Civil War.

The lost cause is not always the right cause despite its loss; the victorious cause is often the right cause despite itself.

This story is possibly true, but impossibly meaningless.

A man who has outlived his child walks into an office. A professional explains the neurochemical composition of his sadness.