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One as in many.

A one note samba has plenty of notes.

One of a kind?

No thanks. Many of no kinds.

For Edwina Barvosa.

Call no one happy until they are many.

Quality in quantity.

Conversation between two is spontaneous. Conversation among many requires set up and even planning.

Plurality contains unity; unity contains plurality.

However, plurality accommodates unity more easily than unity accommodates plurality.

Counting down and up.

It is unrealistic to expect a great person to be one. A small one has a better chance of being many.

The journey is one.

The vehicles and roads, departures and arrivals, travelers and wanderers, writers and reporters, pavers and preservers are many.

There are many worlds.

But there is only one pluriverse.

The few and the many.

How few have the right to criticize. How many have the right to complain.