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Is education a market?

Why can’t anyone with the money buy a degree?

The case for “Berniecare.”

Healthcare is a need—a basic one at that. Save markets for wants—the more superfluous, the better.

They will not recognize the force of reason.

These students only respond to market incentives and TV-professor shenanigans.

Not the art of self-reflection.

Using psychological tools calibrated to market metrics is the science of self-surveillance.

Why play that game?

The great fallacy of Western Buddhism is that we can keep playing the same market games without becoming attached to the outcomes.

Credulous towards all the wrong things.

The skeptic towards every principle is often the biggest sucker for any product on the market.

Crisis need not be the death knell.

A capitalism facing an environmental catastrophe might revert to crisis mode—and make its “existential threat” profitable on market terms.

Repression and return.

Applied science and market rationality think that all moral dilemmas admit of technical solutions. Thus deprived of overt expression, judgment hides in moralistic rationalisms and erupts in irrational outbursts.