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Good things take time.

Bruce Lee didn’t started fighting until 45 minutes into his first major film. He didn’t even take his shirt off until he had to face the big boss.

Out in the field.

The humanities are like martial arts, the sciences are like team sports.

A martial artist doesn’t pick fights.

However, a thinker does go around starting arguments.

Bruce Wayne’s secret identity is Bruce Wang.

He enjoys the corporate lifestyle, excels at martial arts, sports the latest in hi-tech, and always tries to please his parents.

Animals, arts.

A political animal, like a martial artist, must first figure out a fighting style.

Violent desublimation.

Mixed Martial Arts undo that delicate sublimation of aggressiveness achieved by traditional martial arts.

Porno and martial arts flicks.

The dialogue is a thin pretense for the real action to start.