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“Mistake” is not a properly historical category.

So if we can learn from history, how can we learn from Leninism and Maoism without calling them “mistakes”?

Why Marxists do sci-fi studies.

Marxism itself is theory of futurity, one premised on cognitive extrapolation.

Who thinks “Marx is dead”?

The type of consciousness that denies Marx ever lived.

Peck, “The Young Marx.”

“Workers of the World Unite” is more universal than “All Men are Brothers” on the theory that the contradiction between particulars, and nothing else, will produce the universal.

Two modes of alienation.

Alienation is oppressive if it longs for things lost, stolen, or denied. Alienation is liberation if it renounces things never needed, wanted, or possessed.

Whence intuition?

Counter-intuition is another way of saying counter-ideological.

Is that a problem?

That everything is also something else is the common assumption of theorists of alienation and interdependence.

The senses are strange.

First of all, as some Marxists would point out, they have a history. Second of all, as some Buddhists would maintain, they must be purified.

Another political economy.

The point of production is where one can put the point of consumption into question.