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Moderation, mastery.

Pleasure is the basic question of self-moderation. Pain is the basic question of self-mastery.

Nauseating repetition.

Everything looks suspicious when one has not mastered one’s suspicions.

Writing time horizons.

X: After all these years, you are still writing? Y: Yes, I am. This game is addictive and cannot be mastered.

The road to mastery.

A “short cut” has a way of coming up short down the road.


I call him “master” not because he has mastered me, but because he has mastered himself.

I am not looking for disciples.

Besides, no teachings can be mastered.

Other dependence.

The Master depends upon the Disciple and the Apprentice, the Servant and the Slave. Remember this if you would imagine a world without mastery.

You claim that math is the highest form of thought.

Have you considered that mathematics, like music, is a skill which freaks with twelve years of life experience can master?

You can’t serve two masters.

Exactly: the Hobson’s choice is between serving one master and having none.

Modes of mastery.

That your masters are impersonal than mine makes you both more modern and more delusional than me.