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The media is the message.

The last thing I’m going to do is go on social media to talk about how toxic social media is.

I saw that on TV.

If people once learned “life lessons” from novels, I guess it’s only mildly ridiculous that people model themselves on TV characters.

Another one for Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

This episode is exactly like whitestream protests of the Vietnam War: only “American” men get to say who and what is important.

Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

What experts give are expert opinions.

Mutually reinforcing.

Your sex drive goes down when you stop consuming mass media. Your dependence on mass media goes down when you stop hankering after sex.


Even when foregrounded, it’s backgrounded.

Knowledge of the other.

Globalized media has made our stereotypes more fine-lined, yet more fixed than ever.

On top.

The central medium of an age subordinates and preys upon peripheral media: think of how the video clip relates to film, novels, songs, dance, photography, theatre, etc.

The news is there is no news.

The Balloon Boy hoax was staged for the media. When the media figured this out, the staging of the hoax became the news. 

Media math.

As if reducing complex fractions, the media aims at the lowest common denominator for the purposes of simplification.