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Economics rules the social sciences.

The queen bee wants a hive full of drones, both with and without stingers.

A spatial metaphor.

An intersection is a location, and a structural one at that.

For Zhuangzi.

Wander beyond the realms of life and death; travel beyond the descriptions of metaphorical and literal.

For J.G.A. Pocock.

In the art of interpretation, putting in is the same as bringing out.

How you know it’s just a metaphor.

Some revolutions occur well below the threshold of consciousness.

Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

Usually because I am done sleeping.

You’re looking for the wrong person.

Please remember that another person’s shoes aren’t supposed to fit. 

You’re just looking at my shoes.

You haven’t even tried them on, much less tried walking in them.

Normal science.

Here it takes a hundred pages—one hundred brilliant ones at that—to enlarge a field of scholarship by a mere centimeter.

Your self is like chain mail.

Mind the unexpected breaks in the defense.