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Groups exist.

The real question is if “individuals” exist in any non-metaphysical, non-ideological sense.

From Nietzsche’s critique of Truth.

If we call pre-modern Chinese and Indian studies of nature “unscientific” due to their metaphysical cast, then we must similarly classify modern European studies of the same.

In the beginning…

The origin story called “the big bang” is clearly marked by modern science’s metaphysical inheritance.

Where does that category come from?

All accounts of the “origins” are metaphysical stories masquerading as causal explanations.


“Extra Firm Tofu” might be read as “Firm Tofu—Extra!” The “Extra,” referring to no physical attribute of the tofu, is the place of the consumer’s surplus enjoyment.

The mythic origins of the origins myth.

The myth of origins was a byproduct of the historicist’s assault on the metaphysician’s myth of eternality.

Ethics after metaphysics.

If there are no fixed orientations, how is it possible to keep moving forward?