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Fixed ideas are eventually falsified.

Matters are ever changing, even when minds are not. 

Academic kool-aid.

Minds can’t digest the stuff, much less live off of it.

Intelligent sympathies are impressive.

The mind often closes when the heart opens.

Is the circle vicious?

Only to a viciously linear mind.

Mental space.

Some minds are so tightly packed that ideas haven’t got the room to maneuver.

Doors of perception.

The mind is a two-way door that takes an effort to keep shut.

At the gym.

The body’s control of the bar is at the same time the body’s control of the mind.

The victor thinks he won.

But better minds have been lost.

Green, “The Secret Life of Plants.”

Why argue that plants have consciousness? Consciousness isn’t all that.

The mind moved.

The heart found it moving.