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Fixed ideas are eventually falsified.

Ideas are ever changing, even when minds are not. 

An apocalypse reveals.

This revelation could change our minds and hence our trajectory.

Your posts gets thousands of views.

I would be satisfied if a few minds could see this post.

What connection?

Publicized bodies, privatized minds.

Skilled and unskilled see without thinking.

But the “thinking” each case is “without” differs vastly—hence the vast difference in “sight.”

Small minds can’t change.

They’re so tightly packed that they haven’t got the room to maneuver.

Minds and bodies moved.

And the world is still moving.


Great minds think alike. So do mediocre minds.

Pedagogical problems.

Excellent minds who are poor educators by choice maintain a stingy superiority of the spirit.

Blowing it.

Attempts at blowing minds have a way of blowing chunks.