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Philosophy is a mirror.

What appears therein depends on who is looking and how they look.

Mirror images.

If I’m going to identify with an image, I might as well enjoy it.

A face is a mask.

It can only function as a mirror of another mask.

Another mirror stage…

Brooding is reflection for teenagers.

Trump is a mirror.

I find it amusing that grown white liberals are only now seeing what I saw clearly in elementary school bullies.

Social reality is an empty room whose every wall is a mirror.

One must go into the room to see what is there; otherwise, there will be nothing to see at all.

Each door is a mirror.

And every mirror is a door.


In a mirror you see you looking at yourself in a mirror.

You look at yourself in a dirty mirror.

Perhaps you fear how much dirt you’d see if you looked at yourself in a clean mirror.


Consciousness pierced the veil only to find a mirror.