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It is hard to escape traditions.

The modern world, for instance, is full of anti-traditional traditionalism or traditional anti-traditionalism.

Modernity = alienation.

Alienation is equally “alien” to western and eastern, northern and southern societies.

McDonald’s varies menu items to suit local markets.

A combination of “western”-form and “non-western”-content remains a powerful formula for capitalist modernity.


The boredom that many liberal democracies feel for electoral politics is worrisome. Things look better in civil society, where the passion for modern politics has always been.

History is not only black and white.

Images of Akhenaten look “black” to many moderns; images of Shinji Ikari look “white” to the same audience.

The center did not hold.

The moderns released their hold on it.

No wonder modernity is obsessed with it.

The collective conflicts of this world (rival houses, clans, nations, etc.) unite the two lovers in the next: even traditional romances admit that love is radically antisocial, suicidal, and otherworldly.

Modes of mastery.

That your masters are impersonal than mine makes you both more modern and more delusional than me.

Again and again.

The beat in popular music is modernkind’s delight in repetition.

The liberty of the moderns.

The freedom to waste our lives away in whatever way we please.