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Adam Smith’s “myth of metals.”

What a story—as if money existed purely for convenience, preceding the state!

Show me a lover of money.

I will show you someone who cares too much of what others think.

The academic marketplace.

Huxley defined an intellectual as “a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” Huxley knew of what he spoke; he did not say “more interesting than status and money.”

Money makes people work harder.

But it makes them work harder at the stupidest of tasks: making more money.

A good salary.

The money can’t make up for all the disrespect. But it doesn’t hurt, either.

“In God We Trust.”

Money is a social construct pretending to be a social contract. It is guaranteed by government and—just in case—a “higher power.”

Senses aflame.

One commits arson to get money. Another commits to get off. You tell me who is more foolish.

Autonomous distributions.

An idiot with a lot of money is still ridiculous. A poor man with great intelligence is still broke.

This radical is rich.

Funny, he doesn’t put his mouth where his money is.

Please open up your wallet.

Let us have a look at that all of that “checked privilege.”