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“Save 50% when you buy 3!”

In a phrase, the virtues of the miser and spendthrift combined. 

Cleaning out the cobwebs.

With enough money comes the ability to pay someone else to do your housecleaning—psychic or otherwise.

Money and talent.

Earning lots of money takes a specific kind of talent. Just about any kind of talent, though, can be purchased with enough money.

The universal equivalent?

That they are not in it for the money does not rule out the possibility that they are in it for the comparative value.

Love and money.

A half-step up from sex and violence.

Higher values or higher privileges?

Rich folks can’t know the difference between not caring about money and not having to worry about money.

Take all the money out of it.

I still contend that nothing in life is free.

Mind on the money.

To not worry about money is stupid, to worry only about money about is idiotic.

The love of which is the root of all evil?

I disagree. Money is simply our lowest common denominator.