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A thought on Confucius.

His wisdom consists in being more certain about what should be than what is.

You’re out.

In politics, but not in morality, we are justified in saying “present company excluded.”

Morality versus moralism.

What makes the difference is personal and political action.

It is easy to treat significant others well.

The better test of morality is how one treats insignificant others. 

A little, a lot.

It takes a little courage to dislike someone, but it takes a lot of cowardice to hate them.

Life expectancy is ethically neutral.

You have already outlived others who deserve to live more than you and you will not live so long as others who deserve to live less.

Self-involvement, self-sacrifice.

Neither the vice nor the virtue makes any sense outside of contexts that assume the separation of self from other.

Moral neutrality.

What conservatives realize is that protecting a right to do something relieves us of the burden of having to defend the practice as right.

Moral ambiguity.

A: I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. B: Maybe the problem is that you thought you knew in the first place.

One world.

Moral elevation has its material limits.