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You’re just looking at my shoes.

You haven’t even tried them on, much less tried walking in them.

Economics versus politics.

Upward mobility is no substitute for forward movement.

It’s alright if you don’t want to settle.

The times are a great plain, with space enough for nomads of the spirit.

Mental space.

Some minds are so tightly packed that ideas haven’t got the room to maneuver.

Has AntiFa succeeded in checking Fascism?

Perhaps. It is just as plausible to say that Fascism is a perpetual state of failure.


The concepts which we define have come to dance.

On Belle and Sebastian.

X: Get me away from here, I’m dying… Y: Where exactly would you not be dying?

Minds and bodies moved.

And the world is still moving.

To be clear, I support “occupy.”

But it is ironic how high the bar had to be raised (we are the 99%) before disaffected suburbanites could claim to be oppressed.

A and Not-A.

The point of dialectics is to move beyond the contradictions at which ratiocination is compelled to stop.