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“Stories of Your Life” vs. “Arrival.”

Ted Chang thankfully evades Denis Villeneuve’s idiotic conclusion that the United States is less belligerent and more dialogical than China.

The message is the medium.

The essence of the movie is the billboard.

Movie magic.

You claim that this representation of barbarity, poverty, stupidity, etc. isn’t racist because it includes a few whites. That is like claiming that the insult that a man throws like a girl isn’t sexist.

Kubrick, “The Shining.”

The exception to the rule that the movie is always worse than the book.

Allegory of “The Quiet Place.”

You think silence means survival. It doesn’t. You need to know when and how to make a sound.

Benny Chan, “Shaolin.”

What movie magic is required to montage a spirit in training!

Villeneuve, “Blade Runner 2049.”

There is more than one way to give your life for a cause.

Why did it have to be World War I?

Because Wonder Woman had to save martial valor from the meaninglessness and technicalities of trench warfare.

Sean Ellis, “The Broken.”

An alienated subjectivity is the culprit behind the murder of an actual self.

Lam, “Tiramisu.”

Ridiculous, inconsistent, and awkward—the movie is perfectly fitted to its subject matter.