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Multiculturalism is a slight improvement.

The myth of manifold unity has surpassed the myth of simple unity in the nationalist imaginary.

Addition and subtraction are basic to social order.

Multiplication (e.g. “multiculturalism”) or division (e.g. “factionalization”) are simply reiterations of these elementary operations.

Accidental, Asian.

I wonder how much of my disdain for parvenu climbing that plays upon the vagaries of “Asian heritage” stems from my jealously that others can pull it off much better than me.

Intolerance of intolerance for tolerance, etc.

Every universal principle acquires its coherence by contradicting itself at the point of self-defense.

Multicultural madness.

Majorities now demand that minorities bear an authentic, unreflective relation to “their own culture.” This fantasy induces an incredible resentment towards those imagined to not bear the burden of “choice.”

Terms of exchange.

A multicultural exchange between an Asian and a Latino treated Californian culture as a common currency.

Racist love.

Mass media “multiculturalism” gathers black males and asian females before the white gaze.

Trivializing respect.

The practice of interpreting “minority” literatures in light of “minority” cultures is now common. This hermeneutic is indefensible unless “majority” literatures are subjected to the same indignity of reductionism.