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Miles to Hancock: “Don’t play the butter notes.” Me to you: “Don’t write the butter words.”

Prince, Live at First Avenue (1983).

I don’t blame the audience for its lackluster response; nor can I fault Prince for cramming stadium music into a local club.

One as in many.

A one note samba has plenty of notes.

You don’t hate “smooth jazz.”

You hate all jazz. But you’re too big of a philistine to admit it.

Carly Rae Jepsen, “I Really Like You.”

You do not love, no matter how much you really like.

Mitski, “Be the Cowboy.”

You know I can’t do that. Nor I can I be “the Indian.”

Mitski, “Be the Cowboy.”

You know I can’t do that. But I know you can’t do that either. 

Process ontology.

Philip Glass’ major works are extended processes. His musical life, too, is an extended process.

Immersed in anonymity.

There is comfort in a constant stream of talk radio, TV, or music.

The melodies change, but these songs are the same.

You will never perceive this if you “flow” with your sensations.