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Dustin Wong, musician.

You’ll never fit cleanly, but your notes fit perfectly.

Musicians, theologians, ideologists.

Never trust anyone who gets paid to produce harmony.

Thelonious Monk is inimitable.

It is painful to listen to an imitator turn a one of kind musician into one of another kind.

Setting sights.

It is always the musician who can’t write a 3 min track who believes he has a great idea for a 2 hour concept album.

Prince must be a genius.

How else could I get so excited over an oeuvre that consists entirely of songs about sex and religion?

She was born, she performed, and she died.

The biography of all great musicians can be summed up in a sentence.

A reverse parallel.

A writer who cannot read is like a musician who does not listen, whereas a writer who does not read is like a musician who cannot hear.