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Identity is a concept.

Narrative is a concept. Your identity is not a concept. Your narrative is your identity.

The never ending story.

Story-telling is the only thing keeping you together. Yet the stories, full of rage, are tearing you apart.

It was once called History.

We call it “the racist history of [fill in the blank]” now. It will be called History again, but in a new way.

Let’s just say labor is cyclical.

There is no need to make some never-ending story of it.

Where does the time go?

The same place it comes from.


What makes history more than “one damn thing after another”? The same thing that makes your story more than “one damn thing after another.”

The late Coltrane.

Free jazz is painting without representation and theatre without narrative.

Terribly moving.

The sex scenes are unusually graphic, but the narrative thread makes “The Wayward Cloud” Tsai Ming-Liang’s most sentimental film.

Tasks, devices.

William Gibson admits he invented some of his most innovative technological devices to fill in for his lack of facility with conventional narrative devices.

This story is possibly true, but impossibly meaningless.

A man who has outlived his child walks into an office. A professional explains the neurochemical composition of his sadness.