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July 4th thought.

We need better delusions.

Did you invent that?

The pride of a nationalist in their national culture is frighteningly anonymous and incredibly democratic.

Liu, Supernova Era.

Wildly imaginative about everything except nationalism.

Multiculturalism is a slight improvement.

The myth of manifold unity has surpassed the myth of simple unity in the nationalist imaginary.

What borderlands presuppose.

It is possible to be foreign to every nation, but this foreignness cannot be equidistant in every case.

Burns, “The National Parks.”

The beauty of the natural world is unrelated to the “beauty” of U.S. nationalism. To claim otherwise is an outrageous appropriation.

I love my country too much.

It beats me, I talk shit, and we do it all over again.

So what if this country is not the greatest ever.

Leave it to the nationalists to elevate a contingency into a competition.

Economic nationalism seems to be rational.

But the mystery is why an economy would need nationally organized feelings in the first place.

Nationalism is not an identification?

Every critique of certain forms of “identity politics” leaves a dozen other forms of identification unchallenged.