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Our “nature” is to make meaning.

You can see, then, how severe and deep the crisis of meaningless is.

Human nature.

Nature for humans is cultivated by humans.

Nature against nature.

Desire moves the mind-body, which contemplation brings to rest.

I unite with nature.

A giant ant bites me in the ass for sitting on it.

Nature of categories, category of nature.

The claim that one’s thought cuts nature at its joints admits of several categorical constructions.

All sexuality must be naturalized.

One reason straights insist so strongly that gays and lesbians are “born that way” is they are afraid that straights might not be born straight.

So many false problems, so little time.

Genetic manipulation, anabolic steroids, and other technological advances are not “unnatural.” They are, however, lacking in respect for chance and finitude.

De- and re-naturalization.

A legacy of democratic revolutions: the humanities consider more and more social relations to be conventional. A legacy of scientific revolutions: the social sciences more and more search for natural causes for the same relationships.

Not nature, not even natural.

Sex as a topic of conversation: it’s the new weather.