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After contingency makes the accidental sufferable, necessity makes the accident bearable.

Contingency is contingent.

To claim that there must be contingencies is to make a claim in the spirit of necessity.

You must be free!

Bowing to spontaneity is easy when standing for necessity.

Suicide is a luxury.

The necessity of living can be questioned once the necessities of life are no longer in question.

One lover said “I need you” to the other.

This “need” cannot mean biological necessity; the term here expresses an existential demand.

The catch-all category dwindles.

Human relations can be necessary, useful, or something else.

Perforce and perchance.

No two words are synonymous—no words are superfluous—yet these two terms are in deeds close in meaning.

A burden made bearable.

The farther we leave our decisions behind, the more we convince ourselves that we must have made them that way.