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That state was never liberal democratic; it was democratic liberal all along. Similarly, that movement was never authoritarian neoliberal; it was neoliberal authoritarian all along.

Neoliberalism, liberalism, capitalism,

Neoliberalism erases the thin line between liberalism and capitalism. “Neoliberal capitalism,” then, is redundant in a way that “liberal capitalism” was not.

One side > the other.

Neoliberalism is economic liberalism without the moral trappings.

The job.

The indispensable academic skill at Neoliberal University is winning brutal competitions for artificially-scarce resources and respect.

Do you think “neoliberalism” ruined the liberal arts?

Please read “Of the Expense of the Institutions for the Education of Youth” in the Wealth of Nations and get back to me. 

Liberalism these days is neoliberalism.

We are past the point where it is irresponsible to make a value commitment to liberalism.

“Neoliberalism” ceaseless commodifies, privatizes, etc.?

What you mean is capitalism. If you could only find the courage to admit you hate it.

Human capital, social capital, physical capital.

With all this capital around, how could anything as fantastical as a “worker” exist?

Neoliberalism turned you around.

The public sector doesn’t have illegitimate privileges that nobody should have; it provides useful, secure jobs that everybody should have. 

Human capital.

An abundance of character accumulates through the internalization of cruelty.