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He was a self-promoter in a field full of self-promotion, and pretty great at it.

Equality is ugly.

The underdog mustered the courage to bite. The overman could only whine about resentment.

Human capital.

An abundance of character accumulates through the internalization of cruelty.

A herd of mediocrity stampedes.

Keep unconventional ambitions to yourself.

He is a half-baked Nietzschian.

Well, Nietzsche himself is a bit raw.

Who truly affirms life?

The gods let him choose one day to live in eternal recurrence. He went straight for an unremarkable day, one he could barely remember.

The strength to not blame.

The weak blame others because they must. The strong assume responsibility because they can.

Perry, “When Nietzsche Wept.”

The proof that Nietzsche could not have been the sentimentalist portrayed in this film is every sentence he wrote.

Let this one go.

To seek to go before or beyond good and evil is a dead end.

Internalized cruelty.

The guilty conscience always gets what it can’t pay for.