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From Nietzsche’s critique of Truth.

If we call pre-modern Chinese and Indian studies of nature “unscientific” due to their metaphysical cast, then we must similarly classify modern European studies of the same.

The deed is done.

The deed is the experience. The doer is the afterthought.

Against pity.

To share one’s suffering is to multiply it; to bear one’s suffering is to divide it.

Why I am so clever.

I think, therefore I am.


The individual, like the species, becomes interesting at the moment its cruelty turns inwards.

You think dance music is stupid.

Well, how many philosophers out there know how to dance?

Dog and man, under and over.

Underdog is overman’s worst enemy.

You want to eliminate resentment?

Then you must take aim at domination.

Nietzsche played the piano.

The piano, like the pen, is an instrument of the architectonic mind.

Slight amendment.

What doesn’t kill me only makes life longer.