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Thursday night is the new Friday night.

Who has time for one Friday night, let alone two?

Only the ugly are up this late.

Only we are up late enough to see this.

This is too Real, reality save me.

When I look into this city night, let me not glimpse transcendence in distant lights.


You double back over burned bridges every night in your dreams.

The pull.

The instant I saw the full, low-hanging moon I realized the reason I had been drawn outside tonight.

Why are office buildings and storefronts lit up all night?

These illuminations are not for us. They are for those places of business which are afraid of disappearing in the dark.

The phone rings at 3:36 am.

It is the call of the other in the night. I always pick up.

It’s easy if you can.

The strength to lie alone in the dead of the night lends itself to the courage to stand alone in the light of day.

Hospitable atmosphere.

Without the night, I would hardly be able to grow.