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Clarke, 2001.

Discourse on the origin of homo economicus.

Stanley Kubrick could pick them.

Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 is a cinematic novel from a cinematic novelist.

Liu, Supernova Era.

Wildly imaginative about everything except nationalism.

Ma Jian, “China Dream.”

The China Dream is not the only national ideology premised on forgetting and oblivion.

Enough with the monologues, Edward Bellamy!

What your socialism wants is a compelling narrative.

Kubrick, “The Shining.”

The exception to the rule that the movie is always worse than the book.

The printed paged.

Someone drew a smiley-face on the last page of my used copy of Silko’s “Ceremony,” which reads: “Sunrise, accept this offering, sunrise.” This kind of thing could never happen with digital books.

Huxley, “Brave New World.”

The possessive individualist must reduce all collectivity to collectivism.

Nyugen, “The Sympathizer.”

It is a curiously abstract—one might even say academic—politics that takes sides easily.

The semi-autobiographical novel.

World alienation can be measured by the scope of experience reflected in its cultural product.