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Beginning, ending.

I have high hopes for the youth, who appear to be “natural” beginners. As for us old folks, I just hope we can bring certain things to an end.

Politics and history.

It’s not about old and young; it’s about old and new.

Fantasy versus science fiction.

In “Star Wars,” the fantasy is divided into good and evil. In “Star Trek,” the science fiction is parsed into old and new.

What are you afraid of?

The young approach one another with the same trepidation with which the old approach the internet.

Look who’s talking.

Little needs to be said among the very young or the very old.

First, let us return to the old.

Then, let us return to the new.

A history of need.

The development of the psyche brought a host of needs into the world. Unlike the old needs, the new needs could not be met.


The new itself is showing signs of old age.