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Embodiment of disembodiment.  

How do we embody the experience of living mostly online?

Everyday people.

Let’s talk half as tough to our bosses as we do online with each other.

Why should I go to my high school reunion?

If I want to talk to a bunch of assholes, I’ll go to work or go online.

Online urges.

I delete posts to remind myself that I have some control over how I appear.

Online entity with all my thoughts and feelings.

Whatever it might be, it sure as hell cannot be identified as “me.”

That look.

I cannot look you in the eye online; I can only see an image of your eye.

I’ve chosen my friends wisely.

Nobody commented when I posted my innermost thoughts online.

Imagine that all text were online.

We would then be able to read “books” with as little care as we read blogs in good conscience.