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The political and the social.

Take political ideology out of social reality only if you are ready to watch it dissolve.

A problem of ontology, not epistemology.

Most invocations of “category mistake” partake of a category mistake.

Process ontology.

Philip Glass’ major works are extended processes. His musical life, too, is an extended process.

What is intelligence, again?

An intelligent puzzle film compels the viewer to examine their ontological assumptions.

A loss is just a loss.

There is no need to turn it into a lack.

Count on it.

The things in this universe are innumerable and cannot be counted. The things of this world are impermanent and cannot be counted upon.

Nothingness is no void.

It is more like somebody staring into something strange in the mirror.

For Leslie Marmon Silko.

People think that if their children look like them, things are staying the same. But that a child is born is proof enough that each is new.

The world is made of stories.

My apologies to elements, energy, matter, ideas, and other candidates.


Being—I know right?