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The language of the oppressor is not always the language of oppression.

Bong Joon-ho, “Parasite.”

There is nothing romantic about oppression, least of all for the oppressed. Yet some of the privileged side with the oppressed anyways.

Politics of oppositions.

What you call freedom, I call oppressive. My heroes are your villains. I believe I am equal, you believe I am inferior.

Intersectional implications.

Every axis of social formation can move in at least two directions (oppressor and oppressed), where it crosses at least one other axis (e.g. gendered race, raced gender).

Domination, oppression.

We cannot escape from freedom; we can only turn freedom against itself.

Two modes of alienation.

Alienation is oppressive if it longs for things lost, stolen, or denied. Alienation is liberation if it renounces things never needed, wanted, or possessed.

To be clear, I support “occupy.”

But it is ironic how high the bar had to be raised (we are the 99%) before disaffected suburbanites could claim to be oppressed.

Parsing the social, the political, and the private.

The problem is that marriage is completely socialized (discriminatory to oppressive). Marriage must be politicized (that is, equalized) for the sake of privacy (in the sense of intimacy).