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The origin is history, the source is humanity.

Religion is the original search for origins.

Then again, the search for origins is even more shrouded in mystery than the origin itself.

Where does the time go?

The same place it comes from.

A return to the origin.

A literal usage of language, if it is to take on life of its own, must find a metaphorical expression.

Thought has no aim.

However, despair is at the origin of all thinking.

It all starts here.

Other-awareness is the othering-origin and self-surpassing of self-awareness.

You believe your story is true.

But you know it is the obverse of your original lie.

Those others do not apply.

An original work of art must be the origin of its own standards of evaluation.


The original question is where all of the other questions originate.

Three interdisciplinary questions.

A: Where might it arise? B: How does it work? C: What could it mean?