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He was in perfect harmony with himself and in perpetual conflict with others.

The right of self-defense.

A genuine motive has the right to remain hidden from both self and others.

“Discourse on the Otter.”

For some reason, I feel as though I were being mocked.

What privileged access?

The only one who can misrecognize you worse than an other is your self.

Self-involvement, self-sacrifice.

Neither the vice nor the virtue makes any sense outside of contexts that assume the separation of self from other.

It all starts here.

Other-awareness is the othering-origin and self-surpassing of self-awareness.

Other dependence.

The Master depends upon the Disciple and the Apprentice, the Servant and the Slave. Remember this if you would imagine a world without mastery.

Oh, my!

A parvenu is living a lie—someone else’s, to be exact.

You don’t seem to be harming anyone else.

So go ahead—do whatever makes you unhappy. 


No confidence for the self without confiding in others.