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Mothers, others.

Alienation from “mother tongue,” alienation from “mother land.”

Selves cut from others.

I admit to my dependence on you the moment I assert my independence from you.

Others are farther apart than Opposites.

For example, love is much closer to hate than it is to indifference.

“Are you all in my head?”

The better question is how far must sociality break down before the existence of others can become a serious question.

Others hold the self together.

See how fast the self fragments or multiplies after prolonged periods of isolation.

You can think to others.

Saying “I thought to myself” and the like is not all that redundant.

Facts are not the opposite of values.

Facts have no single opposite and a multitude of others.

Pseudonym has no real others.

In the realm of letters, the disguise of names goes all the way down.