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What can be “owned”? Who can “own” it?

Critics of the notion of cultural appropriation, strangely, often defend the notion of intellectual property.

My pleasure, my pain.

Self-destructive acts feed the self’s feelings of significance.

A flag does not make the moon yours.

Point a finger at the moon to indicate it is already at the tip of your nail.

My, my, my.

My pain, my pleasure, my perception.

What cannot be owned cannot be stolen.

He tried stealing some ideas. Having failed, he tried to steal a few words.

On the take.

The ease with which anything can be appropriated shows how hard it is to truly own something.

Want to figure out who was born here?

Look for folks walking around like they own the place.


These bugs “invade” what’s “mine” only according to conventions they had no part in formulating.

Ownership is onerous.

I do not own up to owning these discourses, languages, genres, or traditions, though I might opt to occupy them all for our own purposes.

Black Friday.

Window shopping incites the imagination of ownership.