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Moderation, mastery.

Pleasure is the basic question of self-moderation. Pain is the basic question of self-mastery.

There is no reason to carry on.

Yet I carry on with pleasure and with pain.

It is easy to fall silent before pain.

A democratic politics depends upon us continuing to speak out and speak on.

Mental suffering.

It is bad to suffer from an ignorance that one does not know; it is even worse to suffer from a knowledge that one does not understand.

There is suffering.

There you are too.

Pain and suffering.

There might be pain, but there is no suffering without ignorance.

My, my, my.

My pain, my pleasure, my perception.

I can see you’re in pain.

So was the toddler who tripped, fell, and only cried after seeing that you were paying attention.

Two attitudes towards pain.

“It’s just a scratch,” one said of their mortal wound. “I am morally wounded,” another said of their scratch.

Pain is self-centered.

Extreme pain is dangerously self-obliterating.