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The paradox of transcendence.

The transcendent is beyond our knowledge, but not above our experience.

Sometimes mean things are said out of meanness.

And sometimes kind things are unsaid out of meanness.

Verbal paradox.

Redefinition is accomplished in deeds more than in words.

You claim to be a “cynic,” but you are a huge conformist.

The contradiction is merely apparent: you are “cynical” only against critical, radical, and left currents.

Paradox of freedom.

You become freer once you’ve made a commitment.

Peter Wood, “Diversity.”

The book shows that previous generations of Americans were both more curious about “diversity” and more racist towards its bearers.

Creative paradox.

The circuitous path is the beaten one and the only way forward.

Expansion within the contraction.

The tighter the formulation, the more room for argumentation.