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Who is vulnerable here?

Sometimes the notion of statutory rape is more for the protection of the parents than the protection of the “child.”


I can’t live with them, though we can’t live without them.

An other in Taiwan.

I wonder how I would have been had I been raised where my parents were raised. Yet I would not be “me” without this American-ish life.

Bruce Wayne’s secret identity is Bruce Wang.

He enjoys the corporate lifestyle, excels at martial arts, sports the latest in hi-tech, and always tries to please his parents.


Parents sacrifice for their children out of a well-founded sense of guilt.

Bad relationships.

Those who blame parents, like Henry Darger, have sided with children. Those who blame children, like Sigmund Freud, have sided with parents.

Language barriers.

I can’t understand half of what my parents say. But that’s okay. Children never more than half-listen to their parents anyways.

You hate your parents for doing this or that.

But you would resent them no matter what—simply for creating you without your “consent.”

Were they being “Chinese” in becoming “American”?

Out of economic concerns, the parents wanted their children to act like Americans. Out of a sense of duty, the Chinese children would do so.

I blame you for everything.

Observe closely how people treat their parents, especially when they think nobody’s watching.