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Timing and heat.

We can stare at the sun for only a few moments. Something similar goes for passionate confrontations.

You love the idea of him, yes.

But we would never love if we did not see something “ideal” in, around, or about the beloved.

Love for the world.

A person who only loves people has a restricted sense of passion.


A forceful passion, like a torrential downpour, is better witnessed than suffered.

Clinging, cruelty.

Our perversity makes it difficult to see anything other than a pathological passion as the sign of love.

Marius and Cossette.

Their bland romance is the backdrop against which Epinone’s passion appears with startling intensity.

Passion, philosophy, profession.

Every person with a passion has a philosophy of life. A philosopher without a passion or a life hopefully at least practices a profession.

Appropriate anger.

If the fit fits, throw it.

An intellectualized passion.

Loving humanity is a tremendous feat of abstraction.


The boredom that many liberal democracies feel for electoral politics is worrisome. Things look better in civil society, where the passion for modern politics has always been.