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Into the woods.

There are signs all around that this path is well worn if only you are brave enough to look.


Why run a race when you could walk the path?

Languages are the only ethical grounds.

No wonder that we are constantly muddling and mucking our ethical way.

Creative paradox.

The circuitous path is the beaten one and the only way forward.


There are views on that path, but they aren’t path dependent.

They cross at the beginning and in the end.

“Inner” freedom is a path one is forced to travel alone. “Outer” freedom is a path one can only travel with company.

At the wayside.

You will see the way forward in worldly ways; you will see the way back in your ways.

Walking is talking.

The path you walk tells me exactly what you “believe.”


On the path of no path one holds not a single view.

The gift of gab.

Pathbreakers are likely to stumble upon Language.