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Capitalist distributions.

From each according to his greed, to each according to his deed. 

So what if social life is performance?

The question is still if such a life is pleasurable.

Arts and crafts.

The art of thought is performance. The craft of thought yields productions.

You say that everything is produced, performed, etc.

Logical problems aside (“everything” here means “nothing”), the saying speaks to a deep hatred for the given.

Celibacy as performance.

The meaning is you don’t give the tiniest shit about what others think of you.

Slight imbalance.

You fancy that the rest of the world performs for your little audience of one.

Street performance.

The interesting things were happening in the streets rather than on the podium.

A profile pic is like a karaoke video.

Both divert attention away from the performer in a way that says “What I’m doing isn’t too serious!”

The understudy stepped in that night.

The audience agreed—it was the best performance the star had never given.

For the sake of appearances.

A society which glorifies performance will idolize its actors and actresses.